Seven Hills Coffee Co. is a wholesale specialty coffee roaster in Cincinnati, Ohio that supplies independent coffee houses and restaurants. We roast only the finest single-estate coffee from more than 20 countries around the world, as well as a full line of Fair Trade Organic coffees. We have sourced many of these coffees from the same farms for a number of years, ensuring us the high quality and consistency our customers demand.

We are also distributors of a complete selection of products every coffeehouse needs to succeed, from flavored syrups, chocolates, and chai, to fruit smoothies and frappe mixes. Each has been meticulously chosen for superior quality, ease of preparation, and proven performance - simplifying your life and allowing you to focus on the most important thing in your coffeehouse: your customer.

We've had the same guiding philosophy for 20 years: Sell only the best, and back it up with exceptional service- every time.

Joe Morris and Andy Timmerman started Seven Hills Coffee Co. in April of 1986, with a 1/4 bag Sivetz roaster, 11 bags of green beans, and a taste for good coffee. The two had been college roommates earlier, and both had grown dissatisfied with the corporate world. They wanted to start a business that was both fun and fulfilling, and with the growing popularity of coffeehouses, the two saw the potential for a quality wholesale coffee roaster.

The company's volume has grown- that initial 11 bags of coffee has turned into more than 200,000 pounds roasted each year- but the belief in quality products and exceptional service hasn't changed. Word of mouth has now helped carry Seven Hills to more than 200 coffeehouses and restaurants throughout the Midwest. While the company has grown dramatically, our attention to detail and committment to personalized service has never wavered.

11094 Deerfield Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

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