We like to keep the ordering process simple: You call, we answer. Then we roast the coffee and ship it out to you by the next day. Customer service is not just a marketing term around here, it's what we do everyday.

With Seven Hills you get full service, which means:

It's immediate: We don't believe in voicemail during business hours- you'll always get Andy, Joe, or one of the other three employees on the other end of the line.

It's familiar: We know all of our customers by name. We even know some of their orders by heart.

It's customized: No order minimums here. We'll package what you need, not what's more convenient for us.

It's fair: We sell the finest coffee at a fair price, and never charge a mark-up on equipment.

It's personal: Nothing makes us happier than helping coffee house owners start and grow their businesses. We even offer free consultation to help you with product and equipment selection, and menu design.

Every week, we receive shipments of high quality, raw coffee beans from more than twenty countries around the world. We roast every day- 40 pounds at a time- so we can deliver beans to you at the peak of freshness.

If you've never seen green coffee beans being roasted, it's a pretty amazing process. We only roast with Sivetz machines, which use forced, heated air and a precise bean temperature system to produce uniformly roasted beans. The gas-fired roasters take the beans to between 425 to 485 degrees, depending on the darkness of the roast, and then shut off to cool the beans quickly.

The end result is the same each and every time: Well-developed beans with a cleaner taste, superior aroma, and unsurpassed consistency.

We are happy to arrange tours for our customers and their staff- just ask.


If you want to display the Seven Hills logo on the custom packaged coffee you retail, we're proud to be there. However, we can also help you create fully branded retail packages through our private label program. We will work directly with you to get the look you want. From your own foil valve bags to custom label art, we'll work with you every step of the way to get the specific look you want. Whole bean or ground, in 8 oz. or 16 oz. bags, we'll happily package whatever you need at no additional charge.

For customers who want to create signature house blends, we offer our custom blends program. This typically is a collaborative process where we help you to identify your personal coffee profile preferences, then present you with a range of blend options from which you may choose.

With the combination of our experience and your own packaging and private blend, you can give your establishment a unique advantage over your competitors and help make a memorable experience for your customers.

11094 Deerfield Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

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